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UK weather: Met Office predicts low temperatures

According to the latest WX charts, temperatures are expected to drop as November begins to cool off and December begins. By midnight on November 30, temperatures in London will hover around -2°C when the month ends.

However, Birmingham and the Midlands will see temperatures drop to -7°C as icy weather continues to hit the country.

According to the latest charts, the country will see freezing temperatures from Monday, November 22, and Britons are expected to wake up to temperatures of -0 degrees Celsius across the country.

Across Scotland, from Edinburgh to Inverness, temperatures will drop to 0°C.

The icy weather will continue in England as places like Newcastle and Cumbria will also see 0°C.

Temperatures will drop next week (Photo: / WX Charts)

Temperature setting on the hard landing (Photo: WX Graphics)

Although London, the Midlands and the southeast will see more moderate temperatures, they are unlikely to reach more than 4°C in the capital.

The cold weather is expected to continue through the remainder of November when winter officially arrives.

At 6pm on November 25, Scotland will continue to see the brunt of cold weather, with Inverness set to see temperatures dip to -1°C.

The likes of North East England will also see temperatures around 0°C and -1°C.

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Temperatures will drop next week

Temperatures will drop next week (Photo: WX Charts)

As before, there will be milder temperatures in London and southern England, with temperatures reaching 6°C in the capital.

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This milder climate will not last as long as freezing weather decreases across the country.

According to the latest WX charts, the entire country will be covered in frost and possibly snow as temperatures drop.

London and the southeast are expected to see temperatures around 0°C by midnight on November 29.

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UK weather records

UK weather records (Image: Express)

On top of the country, Wales will see temperatures between -2°C and -1°C, with Newcastle and the North East ready to see the weather dip between -1°C and -4°C.

As always, Scotland will experience its coldest weather as temperatures in the higher elevations will drop dramatically to -10°C.

These freezing temperatures will continue until the last day of November and the entire country will see the weather below 0°C.

Inverness and the highlands will see temperatures dropping to -12°C.

UK winter weather will change next week

Winter weather in the UK will change next week (Image: WX Charts)

Temperatures will also dip to -5°C in Edinburgh, while Newcastle and the Northeast are expected to see freezing temperatures of around -4°C to -6°C.

In southern England, temperatures will be milder than in the rest of the country, but will dip below 0°C.

Those looking for a break from the Baltic Sea weather are expected to be disappointed as the freezing temperatures will continue into December.

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At 6am on November 30, Scotland will see temperatures drop to -12°C, while temperatures in Newcastle and the Northeast will continue to hover around -5°C.

It will be cold next week

The weather will get cold next week (Image: WX Charts)

The rest of the country, including Cardiff, London and Birmingham, will see temperatures drop between -4°C and -2°C.

Fortunately, this big frost will only last for a few days, with temperatures rising slightly by 0°C, but not above 0°C, when December begins.

By noon on December 2, temperatures in Scotland will rise from -12°C to -5°C in Inverness.

Edinburgh and North East England will also see weather rise to -2°C.

Temperatures will drop in December

Temperatures will drop in December (Photo: WX Charts)

Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, London and southeast England will also remain cold with temperatures ranging from -1°C to -4°C.

The Met Office’s long-term forecast for November 24 to December 3 states: “Weather will generally arrive in the UK from the north, resulting in cooler conditions and periods of rain or showers.

Winter rains are likely to fall on higher ground, likely to drop to low levels at times.

“High pressure will continue in the west and southwest, allowing for more stable conditions from time to time with occasional sunny periods, but also a feeling of coolness, with the possibility of frost during the night.”

“Severe storm throughout this period, but when the clearest and calmest conditions prevail, there will be some fog at night.”

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