United Kingdom: Latest opinion polls predict a landslide victory for the Labor Party in the July 4 elections | newspaper


Two weeks before the elections scheduled for July 4 in the United Kingdom, in which Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called for the dissolution of Parliament, two opinion polls published on Wednesday predicted a historic victory for the Labor Party, which will obtain a large majority, with 425 or 516 out of a total of 650 seats in the House of Representatives. Commons.

According to a YouGov poll, the Labor opposition is expected to win 425 of the 650 seats in the UK Parliament, which would be “the highest number in the party’s history”, with 39% of the vote.

This would make Labor leader Keir Starmer the next prime minister, ending 14 years of Conservative governments.

According to this poll, the Conservative Party will win 108 seats, which means that it will lose 257 compared to the current composition of Parliament.

Another poll conducted by the Savanta Institute estimates that Labor will win 516 seats, which is twice the number won by Tony Blair in the 1997 election. In this poll, the Conservatives will win only 53 seats, which is an unprecedented and crushing defeat for the match.

Moreover, the Savanta survey, conducted for The Daily TelegraphPrime Minister Rishi Sunak is even expected to lose his seat for Richmond, in North Yorkshire, to Labour, an unprecedented situation for a prime minister, although opinion polls in that area predict a very narrow margin. Scene.

But also according to what was published in the newspaper The Independent Based on the Savanta poll, 14 ministers currently in the Cabinet will lose their seats, including Jeremy Hunt (Treasury Secretary), Mel Stride (Secretary of State for Work and Pensions), Alex Chalk (Justice Secretary) and Mark Harper (Transport). Secretary), as well as the current Leader of the House of Commons, Penny Mordaunt.

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The poll results were published hours after a minister warned that the Conservatives would “take a severe blow” in the elections.

In the same vein, the Secretary of State for Wales, David Thomas Davies, said in an interview with the sun And that his party “cannot hide” from opinion polls that “clearly indicate a large majority for the Labor Party.”

According to the YouGov poll, the Liberal Democrats, a centrist party, could become the third force in parliament, with 67 seats. This way they will edge out the Scottish separatists of the Scottish National Party, which will get just 20 seats in Westminster.

The far-right UK Reform Party led by Eurosceptic Nigel Farage, which has been rising in opinion polls, will take its first five seats, with 15% of the vote.

On the other hand, the Savanta poll indicates that the British Reform Party will not win any seats due to the single-round majority voting system, marking the eighth defeat for Farage, who was previously a member of the European Parliament but was never elected to join the British Parliament.

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