The Vietnamese Parliament evaluates development planning in Hanoi

During the discussions, the representatives expressed their great appreciation and felt that both this project and the amendment to the general planning of the capital until 2045, and the vision until 2065, were meticulously prepared, providing an important legal tool for managing programming, construction and development. Hanoi.

The capital’s parliamentary delegation expressed, on the National Assembly’s website, its point of view regarding the plan to develop the Red River axis, and for it to truly become the capital’s development center.

The capital’s lawmakers also agreed on the guidelines and solutions proposed by the city to renovate old apartments, which is particularly urgent in the current situation with serious fires and explosions, and to solve the problems of river, garbage and sewage pollution. .

Regarding urban planning, they considered the creation of new projects to be an opportunity for the city to change and reduce the construction of tube houses, as well as stop the manufacturing of high-rise buildings in the city center.

Referring to the layout of the capital’s health system, the parliamentarians decided to take into account that it serves not only the capital, but the entire country, as most of the large, important hospitals are concentrated here.

Hanoi’s development planning until 2030, with a vision until 2045, aims to make it a civilized, modern, green and smart city where the cultural elite of the country and the world converge, and a leading center for research, innovation, application and knowledge transfer. New science and technology.

In addition, to be the hub and engine of development of the Red River Delta and the northern region of Vietnam, a major economic and financial center, and a growth pole with a prominent position in the national economy and influence in the region, based on green development models and the circular, digital and shared economy.

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The planned development spatial structure includes five development spaces, several economic corridors and belts, and an equal number of driving forces, socio-economic zones and urban areas.

Hanoi Capital, together with the southern Ho Chi Minh City, will play the role of the country’s growth pole, with a prime location in the dynamic triangle of the Red River Delta (Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh) and the development quadrilateral in the north. The region (Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh – Thanh Hoa).


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