United Kingdom: First bishop ordained for Catholic converts from Anglicanism

the card. Victor Fernandez, Dean of the Department for the Doctrine of the Faith, presided over the ordination Mass for Bishop David Waller, first bishop of the Order of Our Lady of Walsingham.
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cardinal Victor Manuel FernandezThe Dean of the Department for the Doctrine of the Faith presided over the Episcopal Ordination Mass for Msgr David Waller at Westminster Cathedral in London, thus beginning his ministry as bishop for the personal ordination of Our Lady of Walsingham, which welcomes converts from Anglicanism in the UK.

“The priest guides from within,” Fernandez said during the June 22 ceremony, noting that the body of bishops is structured to allow Anglicans who enter into full communion with the Catholic Church to preserve elements of the Anglican tradition that they consider a “treasure.” It must be shared.”

In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI Permissible, with the Apostolic Constitution angelicanrum Quitebus, Establishment of personal bodies for Anglicans who converted to the Catholic Church. In this sense, after Britain, an ordinary personal body was established in North America and Australia in 2012.

Waller, 62, was ordained a priest in the Anglican Church in 1992. Anglicanrum QuitebusHe decided to convert to the Catholic Church. In 2011, he was admitted into the full communion of the Church and ordained a priest in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, because the Catholic Church does not recognize Anglican ordinations. Waller was a parish priest in London and, as of 2020, also a personal vicar general of the cloisters.

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His appointment comes after His Holiness the Pope accepted the resignation submitted by Msgr Keith Newtonwho upon hearing the news said: “I am delighted that our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has appointed Father David Waller, not only as the second ordination to the order of Our Lady of Walsingham, but also as the first to receive episcopal ranks.”

The presence of Cardinal Fernández as the presiding bishop for the ordination reflects the special relationship between the archbishops Anglicanrum Quitebus Maintaining the circle of the doctrine of faith.

cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster. Msgr Stephen Lopez, personal ordination bishop to the See of Saint Peter in the United States and Canada; And Msgr Anthony RandazzoApostolic Administrator of the Personal Ordination of Our Lady of the Southern Cross in Australia, were the bishops participating in the consecration.

The face of the church
In his homily, the Argentine Cardinal referred to the “rich English heritage,” stressing that “the bishop is called to see the positive aspects of the Anglican tradition preserved in it” as a precious gift and a treasure that must be shared. “, quoted from the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanrum Quitebus.

“In this process, the Church not only gives, but also enriches itself. Therefore, we can say that the episcopate represents one of the faces of the Church that, in this case, receives certain elements of a rich history,” the governor added. From the Anglican Tradition: Elements Now Lived in the Fullness of Catholic Communion.” +

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