La Jornada – US military elements enter Mexico to conduct binational exercises

Chihuahua, Chih. A group of 220 soldiers and four US Army helicopters entered Mexican territory on Monday, in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, where they will participate in a bilateral civil protection emergency simulation exercise, starting Monday, June 24, until next June 28.

The American soldiers crossed the Cordova-de las Americas International Bridge on six buses, and were escorted by trucks from the National Guard and the Mexican Army to the facilities of the 9th Mechanized Cavalry Regiment of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) of Mexico.

The bilateral exercise “Friendly Forces 2024” is an annual training event in which the Mexican Army, the Air Force and the Northern Army of the United States of America participate, to verify coordination and preparation between government agencies and military authorities in both countries. Sedena explained that different scenarios of natural and human disasters are likely to occur in the strip. The border.

On behalf of the United States Army, 220 personnel were allowed to enter Mexican territory, in addition to three HH-60M aircraft with registration numbers 20859, 20863 and 20870 and one CH-47F with registration number 08452, which will assist the unmanned aircraft. Carry weapons.

The armies will set up tents at the Olympic Stadium of the Benito Juárez University, where they will simulate an event in which the DN-III-E plan and the Defense Support Civil Authorities (DSCA) plan will be implemented, under the assumption of a 7.5 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale.

During the exercise, they will simulate impacts on the border strip of Ciudad Juarez, such as the collapse of various services and facilities, and present the following scenarios: collapse of a section of the Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium; Converting the operating unit into a mass casualty hospital; Chemical leakage from a wastewater treatment plant; Partial collapse of Ciudad Juarez International Airport; Freight train derailment and chemical leak.

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