United Kingdom: Elizabeth II sent a congratulatory letter to President Pedro Castillo | NNDC | Peru

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom sent a congratulatory letter to the President Pedro CastilloDelivered by UAE Ambassador Kate Harrison during the opening ceremony.

As Harrison explained on his Twitter account, at the ceremony he told the President and Vice President, Dina BullwartYour desires to strengthen “even more” The relationship between United kingdom and Peru.

In return, I made them send a congratulatory letter sent by Her Majesty [Isabel II]”, Diplomat Books.

Pedro Castillo He took over the presidency of Peru on Wednesday, the same day the country celebrated 200 years of independence from the Kingdom of Spain.

The official session began after nine in the morning in the Congress of the Republic, and it was the new head of the legislature, Maria del Carmen Alva, who took the oath of the elected president and imposed on him the sash of the presidency.

“I swear to God, the people, the peasants, the indigenous people, the rondeiros, the fishermen, the professionals, the children and the teenagers, that I will serve as President of the Republic from 2021-2026. I swear to the peoples of Peru, for a country free of corruption And for a new constitution“, Castillo, who came to Parliament on foot from the Torre Tagle Palace with his family, announced.

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