The Master of Sports Science notes the mental health effects of Olympic athletes

Simon Biles’ departure from the Olympics due to mental health issues caused a great deal of controversy in the circumstances of the high-performing athletes.

in a Tomorrow will be another day talk talk with Rodrigo Kawas, Psychologist and Masters in Medicine and Sports ScienceOn the importance of mental health in preparing high-performance athletes.

To split the conversation, Kawas commented “What happens is a common occurrence in high performance. These atypical Olympic Games have caused additional problems for the athletes.”

Similarly, a psychologist and a master’s degree in sports science highlighted this “If there is one thing that can still be improved for the Olympics, it is mental health.”

“In high performance, the elements that affect you are different. In Paris 2024 Simone Biles will try to cross her mark and avoid the same thing happening to her as happened in Tokyo”, added Rodrigo Kawas.

“Often sport is seen as fun or entertainment and for Olympians it is not. “They have a willingness to put their bodies to the highest level,” the psychiatrist added.

Mental health: an outstanding issue within high performance

On the other hand, the psychologist and master’s degree in medicine and sports science noted that situations like Simone Biles’ case reveal that there are still many mental health deficiencies in the world of sports.

In this regard, Rodrigo Kawas pointed out that “I hope these situations will put an eye on mental health, not just in sports. Here coaches no longer speak, and the athletes themselves say so.”

“Sports psychology will not only improve performance, but also treat mental health problems”Psychologist Rodrigo Kawas concluded.

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