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One of the best alternatives to remote chat is . There you can also receive work documents and photos of your travels with your friends or make a virtual video call with all your relatives now that social distancing is absolutely essential.

But not only that, in It is also possible to perform a series of tricks that very few know. Which is that in recent days a Unicode text converter has become popular. What is this?

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Well, it is a platform that will help you not only to change characters in a quick messaging app, but also in platforms such as Messenger, Instagram, Telegram and even in classic SMS.

In order to have a Unicode text converter for On your mobile device, it is not necessary to download anonymous software, let alone download APK files that can deliver malware and ads to your cell phone.

How to activate UNICODE Text Converter for WhatsApp

The trick is very simple and it is only necessary to have a browser of your choice and Fully updated. Now do the following:

  • Go to Converter Text Unicode on Google.
  • In the event that you do not find this alternative, you should press it .
  • In this section you will see a search bar where you can type your message.
  • Once done, click Show.
  • Then you will see that your text will be converted with different lettering styles.
This way you can change the style of your messages with Unicode text converter for WhatsApp. (Photo: mag)
  • Copy whatever you want and paste it into your WhatsApp chats.
  • Now this style of message will be sent to your friends via WhatsApp. In case you want to send another similar message, you just have to repeat the previous steps and that’s it.
  • Best of all, coordination is not lost in case you want to surprise someone.
  • Even this Unicode text converter for WhatsApp is free and works with Android and iPhone.
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