UK warns of electric vehicle blackout risks if grid doesn’t adapt

The chairman of the House of Commons Transport Committee, Hugh Merriman, sounded the alarm about it The dangers that an electric vehicle can pose to the national electricity grid if it is not adapted. Based on a study, the politician warns of potential power outages in parts of the country when millions of cars recharge their batteries.

United kingdom The end of sales of internal combustion vehicles has been set for 2030By this date the electric car will no longer be a marginal thing or a minority, but rather the norm. As a result of this situation, Merriman has issued a warning about the dangers of simultaneous recharging of all these zero-emission vehicles.

The report referred to by the head of the Transport Authority indicates that If necessary measures are not taken To strengthen the distribution networkWhen millions of cars start charging their batteries, It will cause power outages in large areas of the country.

Therefore, it should be available by 2030 A network capable of accommodating the specific demand of hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles charging at the same time. What is not clear today is the policy and investments that need to be made to ensure the balance of Britain’s electricity grid and system.

From the British Parliament, he requested a clear regulatory framework for Making and scheduling the necessary investments NS Ensure the necessary infrastructure and freight networkTo achieve the goals set by the government.

For this, a precise timetable will be necessary so that the whole of the UK can ensure a transition without the grid collapsing in the face of energy demand.

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Boris Johnson’s government wants to have a specific national infrastructure strategy, which will be incorporated into decarbonization policies for the economy and transport.

The UK’s electric car charging network should have 2,500 charging stations by 2030, which should reach 6,000 in 2035.

Currently, the UK has 25,000 charging points, a number experts say should double if demand created by the mobility shift towards electric vehicles is met.

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