UK to suspend doctors who spread false news

United kingdom Lay the foundations for what will be new Hippocratic oath For doctors working in the country. After a decade without changes, the General Medical Council (GMC) has prepared a set of changes, including the possibility of expelling those doctors who publish from the profession fake health news on their personal social networks.

The organization developed those publications that were released on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram also tik tok In the event that any professional receives a complaint, as submitted by the newspaper guardian. The goal is to ensure that the information this group publishes is “honest” and useful to patients, and to avoid it Spread of ‘fake news’. Among the collected penalties, there are Write off the doctor from the medical record If you are not doing your homework.

This code was first updated in a year 2013 It comes at a special time COVID-19 pandemic. During the health crisis, the General Medical Council has already opened some investigations against the doctors who publicly announced them Vaccine anxiety Or to question the effect masks Because it may involve a patient safety problem.

Although so far the behaviors of clinicians that could assume some type of risk have been reviewed, the new guide developed by the organization will allow Zoom Also focus on comments made on social networks with the aim of adapting to Communication channels in the twenty-first century.

The new Hippocratic Oath, under discussion in the UK

The General Medical Council prepared this set of changes, although it chose to subject it to physicians’ oversight. This is why it has already launched a file Scanning through its main platforms So that professionals can express their opinions. “Good medical practice is a framework to help clinicians address the professional and ethical challenges they face throughout their careers,” he said. Josie Chetman Vice Chairman of the Medical Committee for Master’s Degree Wals Juniors.

In addition to the controversy surrounding fake news, the update also included other developments such as a doctor’s obligation to report situations in which he was discovered. bullying at work or actions Discrimination or sexual harassment in the area in which he works.

Although it may contain statements, statements, or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend the reader to consult a health professional with any health-related questions.

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