Amazon will not charge returns, but will close the accounts of customers who abuse this service

On average, buyers return once in every three purchases they make online, so online sellers are considering new formulas so they don’t continue to skyrocket in their costs. In this sense, Amazon has decided to restrict or directly Close the accounts of those customers who generate recurring returns. In this way, the e-commerce giant has not yet chosen to charge users for revenue as other operators such as Zara or Uniqlo already do.

specific, Zarathe leader in the group Inditexcarried out 1.95 EUR return fee that is manufactured in-house or at an assembly point. This amount will be deducted directly from the amount of returned clothing. However, those activated in the physical store will still be free. For now, the service Zara It is only charged in about thirty markets Such as the UK, Ireland or Germany. Spain is not among them, but the company founded by Amancio Ortega is considering its implementation in our country as well.

Japanese series Uniqlo It also began charging for online returns last March in some markets. In the UK, for example, it charges £2.95; Whereas in Australia the fee is up to $8 if done through the postal service. So far, this measure has not been implemented in Spain either.

Asus and Zalando pioneers

It was one of the pioneers in charging for the return of products purchased online asus. Before the pandemic, in 2019, the British company updated its return policy. The retailer attributed this measure to the need to ensure continued returns to itself and the environment.

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Also in 2019, Zalando I’ve done a minimum order for free shipping in nine markets. Soon, the company began applying an additional cost to its customers to discourage the huge return of the products they buy through e-commerce.

On the contrary, it was one of the few companies that did not start online sales due to the high costs Primark. Although there is a website, where you can see their products and prices, the company low cost It has been years without selling online, until a few months ago they ended up implementing the method known in retail terminology as Click and collect, that is, the customer buys on the web and receives it from the store. Thus, the company saves shipping costs.

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