UK says Russia is strengthening its defenses at Tokmak in the face of Ukraine’s “tactical breakthroughs”.

Intelligence services point to Moscow’s “increasing concern” about Ukrainian actions

Madrid, September 17 (European Press) –

British intelligence services indicated on Sunday that Russia has strengthened its defenses around the Ukrainian city of Tokmak, located in the southern Zaporizhzhya region, due to Moscow’s “increasing concern” about “tactical penetrations” by Ukrainian forces. In the region.

They added: “Over the past few days, Russian forces have likely strengthened their defenses around the occupied city of Tokmak in southern Ukraine, about 16 kilometers behind the front line.”

Thus, they determined that “Russia is likely to place additional points, hedgehog anti-tank defenses and dig new trenches in the area controlled by the 58th Combined Arms Army,” according to a statement posted online by the British Ministry of Defense. – Social X, formerly known as Twitter.

“The city of Tokmak is poised to become the backbone of Russia’s second main defense line. Improvements in the city’s defenses likely indicate Russia’s growing concern about Ukraine’s tactical breakthroughs in the main defense line to the north,” they settled.

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