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Would you like to work four days a week for the same salary? This was the proposal for a successful labor trial in the UK, where 61 companies agreed to let their employees go Work shorter weeks and pay them the same.

More than a year after the end of the study. 54 companies continue to maintain a four-day work week Because of its multiple benefits. according to a report The study's authors published it in independenceInform all managers and superiors about this The new schedule had a “positive” or “very positive” effect. In your organization.

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some Benefits of shortening the work week Among the employees who participated were:

  • Improvements in physical and mental health.
  • More balance between personal and work life.
  • Reduced fatigue.
  • Low intensity of work.
  • Greater job satisfaction.

What do workers do with the extra day off? These were the most common responses:

  • Dedication to caring responsibilities.
  • Interest in hobbies.
  • Get rid of household chores during the week to have fun on the weekend.

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Four-day work week, long term

It may seem easy to introduce a four-day work week, but, How well does this measure hold up over time?

To answer the question, the researchers conducted a second analysis of companies and workers a year after the pilot program ended. 89% of companies still maintain this work week for their employeesAt least 31% said the change would be permanent.

This becomes clear Employers are satisfied with workers' productivityDespite reducing working hours from 40 to 32 per week.

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However, the way four-day work weeks are implemented varies depending on the type of company. Some were closed completely on Fridays, but others had to adjust workers' schedules so there was always someone on duty.

According to the researchers, the idea of ​​shortening the working week was well received: “Many employees and company managers participated in our study.” They were confident in the prospects of the four-day working week being widely implemented and adopted throughout the United KingdomIn a variety of different types and organizational contexts.”

They hope this will become a reality by 2030 in the UK. (Yo)

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