Youth Research Awards 2024

Mexican Academy of Sciences
Youth Research Awards 2024

Researchers and research institutions are invited to propose candidates in the fields of exact sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, medical and health sciences, as well as engineering, technology and humanities, according to the following:


  1. Candidates will be presented individually. Anyone who has conducted research in Mexico within the last five years at an accredited Mexican institution and who has not reached the age of 40 for men and 43 for women, as of May 31, 2024. These requirements may compete with copies of legal documents.
  2. Nomination must be registered on the website
  3. Documentation must be submitted in full and only once to the Dropbox link It consists of three volumes: 1- Form and Letters (4.1; 4.2; 4.3, 4.4); 2- Scientific production (4.5; 4.6; 4.7; 4.8; 4.9, 4.10) and 3- Legal documents (4.11; 4.12; 4.13). Documents in each folder must be in PDF format.
  4. When the files are finished downloading, you should note full name And your email. If you have an active Dropbox account, email [email protected] with the name under which documents were uploaded.
    PDF files must be named according to the content (eg: AMC PI Form.pdf; Application Letter.pdf, etc.). The documents that will be uploaded to the platform are the following:

    4.1 AMC-PI form for electronic record.
    4.2 A letter of application for the award from a professional who knows your research closely, highlighting the scientific contribution, the importance and impact of your work, and other elements that justify your nomination.
    4.3 Letter of approval for the competition specifying the area and the impact of your contributions on the development of the area of ​​your choice.
    4.4 A detailed CV indicating the aspects considered most important, in addition to indicating the publications of the supervised dissertations.
    4.5 List of publications that include a journal impact factor, Details of your level of involvement, where applicable (first author, corresponding author, etc.).
    4.6 Each entry must be individually named, and entries in a single file will not be accepted.
    4.7 List of citations for each of their research works, or, where appropriate, bibliographic references commenting on their work (Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Science)
    4.8 In engineering and technology, document technological developments (e.g., operations manual, basic engineering, plans, etc.). If there is evidence of exploitation by third parties, attach it.
    4.9 Proof of patents, innovation or technology transfer.
    4.10 Any additional element that strengthens your candidacy (proof of teaching engagement, HR training such as proof of supervised thesis, etc.).
    4.11 Transcript of doctoral degree.
    4.12 A copy of the official ID with photo.
    4.13 An updated copy of the contract as appointed employees of an educational or research institution.

    Do not use special characters or tags in the names of your PDF files, such as #. ( ) /, _- + [ ] etc.).

  5. An Engineering and Technology Award will be awarded Through the development of new technology and innovations in existing technology. Candidates for the award will be evaluated based on the following elements: development of process manuals, design or modification of prototypes, devices, machinery, development and modifications in the biochemical sciences, development of new materials, contributions to the field of agricultural engineering and contributions to engineering. Sciences.
  6. The deadline for applications is Friday, June 14, 2024 2:00 PM (Central Mexico time).
  7. The jury will be composed of the Awards Committee (elected by vote of members of the Mexican Academy of Sciences), and chaired by the Vice President of the AMC.
  8. The judging panel will take into account the evaluation criteria of, among others, scientific rigor, quality, originality and independence, as well as the leadership and impact of the research work.
  9. The jury will analyze all the work carried out by the candidates, based on the publications and documents mentioned in point 3 and, where appropriate, in point 4 of this call, especially the work carried out as a member of Mexican institutions.
  10. The award will be unique in each field. The arbitration committee may declare any of the prizes invalid.
  11. The jury’s verdict will be final.
  12. The award will be a diploma.
  13. Those who have received a research award in previous years will not be able to participate.
  14. The results will be published during the first half of October 2024 on the academy’s website Certificates will be awarded in a formal session.
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