UK PM says Ukraine could use British missiles to attack Russia

British Prime Minister Keir Starmer suggested on Wednesday that Ukraine could use long-range missiles supplied by the United Kingdom to attack military targets in Russia.

Starmer told reporters on his trip to Washington – for the 75th anniversary of NATO – that decisions on the use of British-supplied Storm Shadow missiles were within the purview of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Starmer, who took over Britain’s leadership last Friday after a landslide election victory for Labour, said British military aid was “for defensive purposes, but it is up to Ukraine to decide how to deploy it”.

The comments confirm that Labour is continuing the same position as previous Conservative governments.

Britain has been one of Kyiv’s strongest allies since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Britain has provided money, weapons and training for troops to fight in Ukraine.

Britain was the first country to provide long-range weapons to the Ukrainian military, announcing in May that it would send Storm Shadow missiles.

Starmer intends to reaffirm Britain’s support for Ukraine and its “unwavering commitment” to the Western military alliance at the summit, where he is due to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


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