UK on track to scrap social distancing rules in June: PM

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that Britain was on track to scrap COVID-19 social distancing rules that require people to stay at least one meter from each other from June.

The Johnson administration has laid out a roadmap to end the lockdown and other restrictions in phases as the mass vaccination campaign controls the numbers of new infections.

June 21 has been identified as a possible date to announce the end of social distancing.

Asked about this possibility during a visit to the north of England, Johnson said: “I think we have a good, very good opportunity to rule out the odometer rule.”

The rule states that people should stay within one meter of each other and take other mitigation measures to prevent infection. He has received heavy criticism from hospital health experts.

The next step for the government’s plans to unwind will be on May 17, when some restrictions on travelers from abroad are expected to be lifted, although guarantees are in place anyway.

The prime minister was cautious about that date.

“We want the borders to open somewhat on May 17, but I don’t think people in this country want to see an influx of infection from outside. I definitely don’t want that. We have to be very strict and careful,” he said. (Prepared by William James. Edited in Spanish by Marion Giraldo)

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