These are the Resident Evil games coming to Xbox Game Pass

A month starts and that means Xbox Game Pass games will be announced. According to rumor Almost all Resident Evil games will be announced for service. Almost, because he will be left out Resident Evil Village. According to rumors coming from Reddit, it will be announced this week, and it will feature the full range of games from the saga, something we’ve already seen with games like Final Fantasy from Square Enix and also Yakuza from Sega.

The Xbox Game Pass has become an opportunity to meet and play Those wonderful games that marked the history of games. With nearly every Final Fantasy game in service, players of all ages have the opportunity to experience one of the most iconic epic stories. Plus Yakuza games (previously not available on Xbox). With nearly all Resident Evil games accessing Xbox Game Pass, everything could be better.

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Resident Evil games come to Xbox Game Pass

Any kind of speculation is possible when it comes to games coming to Xbox Game Pass. distance What Microsoft did to provide its services And with the subscriber base growing exponentially, it looks like any game is to come. And why not, also a bunch of titles like the Resident Evil games. Of course, this is nothing more than a rumor without sharing any evidence for it Reddit, But no less interesting to that.

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In addition to the Resident Evil games, Stardew Valley will be announced to come to Xbox Game Pass. And the announcement will be on Thursday of this week. The Resident Evil games coming to the Xbox Game Pass will be: RE0, RE Code Verónica, RE (Gamecube new edition), RE2, RE3, RE4, RE5 and RE6. There will also be Revelation 1 and 2. And this has been insisted too Tales of Arise may arrive at Microsoft’s launch service.

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