UK: Mother discovers she has terminal cancer in the middle of a caesarean section | Lewis Walker | Barnsley | Nuclear magnetic resonance | Globalism

Louis Walker, a woman living in the English city of Barnsley, had been suffering from abdominal pain for a year. After tests, he was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and possible anxiety.

“I told them ‘I feel like I’m going to die.’ I wanted it to be taken seriously. I felt like something was very wrong.”The woman said but everything was there.

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Time passed and I got pregnant. When she was taken to the hospital to deliver her baby in 2021, she found out she had cancer in her ovary and the lining of her stomach.

The scene made the doctor who intervened in the operation unable to contain his tears when he learned how far the disease was already spreading to other organs.

After the operation, the obstetrician explained to Locker that he did not have long to live. “My children are my goal. I want to focus on creating memories. If love saves me, I will never die.” He added and put all his trust in his family to be able to recover.

Similarly, the woman asked doctors to pay attention to their patients in search of a diagnosis.

So far, Walker has undergone six rounds of chemotherapy and surgery, but he hasn’t been able to stop the disease.

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