The UK says Russia is trying to “minimize” the damage it suffered in the recent Sevastopol attack

British intelligence says a submarine and a landing ship were severely damaged

Madrid, September 15 (European Press) –

British intelligence services indicated on Friday that a Russian submarine and landing ship were seriously damaged in the latest attack carried out by Ukraine against the Sevastopol naval base, and indicated that Russia is trying to “minimize” what happened.

Thus, they explained that “several missiles” hit the shipyard of the Black Sea Fleet at the Sevastopol Naval Base, causing hits to the “landing ship “Minsk” and the 636.3-class submarine “Rostov-on-Don.” They were undergoing maintenance work.

“Although the Russian Defense Ministry downplays the damage to the ships, evidence from open sources suggests that the Minsk was functionally destroyed, while the Rostov likely suffered catastrophic damage.”

“Any effort to return the submarine to operational status is likely to take many years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. There is a realistic possibility that the complex task of removing debris from the dry docks will put it out of service for several months.” They added.

Therefore, they emphasized that “this will pose a major challenge for the Black Sea Fleet when it comes to continuing fleet maintenance tasks,” according to a statement published by the British Ministry of Defense through its account on the social media network X, formerly known as Twitter.

British intelligence added, “The loss of Rostov eliminates one of the Black Sea Fleet’s four missile submarines, which played a major role in attacking Ukraine and projecting Russian power in the Black Sea and the eastern Mediterranean.”

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