Workers reject parliament to repeal decree in Peru

Workers of various federations and unions assembled in the General Confederation of Peruvian Workers (CGTP) in the city center marched peacefully and reached the Legislative Palace, where they refused to repeal the aforementioned decree by the economy. Commission, under the control of neoliberal legislators.

Demonstrators demanded respect for workers’ rights, which have eroded during the nearly three decades of implementation of economic policy, as enshrined in the 1993 neoliberal constitution.

Workers before the legislature demanded a “closing of Congress,” as progressive lawmakers Isabel Cortez, Sigrid Bazan and Ruth Lockey came out to affirm their support, defending the decree during debate on the issue.

This standard was issued by the Department of Labor under Betsy Chavez, who was scrutinized last week for not taking action against the air traffic controllers’ strike because it was their right and despite declaring the strike illegal when that union failed to ensure an emergency. Several to maintain basic service.

Before being forced to resign due to censorship, Betsy said that this and other reasons hid the true reason for the lawsuit against her, namely her decision to restore and defend workers’ rights.

Outsourcing consists of hiring individuals through companies called “service” that “sell” labor and profits from intermediation and this method generates rights circumvention, which is abused by many entrepreneurs.

According to the CGTP, nearly 80 percent of workers in the water and wastewater sector work under this method, and the repealed decree stipulated that companies could not outsource to hire employees for their core or nuclear activities.

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The Central Unit of Trabajadores (CUT) also accused Parliament of being in the service of corrupt powers and big capital, for violating workers’ rights.

“With this political and business behavior, we will never progress toward economic prosperity, let alone social well-being and environmental sustainability,” CUT warned.

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