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Almost all British media on Wednesday take it for granted that on Thursday Spain will be classified as “amber plus”, which means travelers of all nationalities from the country will have to be booked for a ten-day return, which in practice, could mean That’s the end of the tourist season (Spain can move on to the UK’s Amber Plus list).

It is not known whether this was a consolation or not, but the same situation, it seems, will apply to Greece, which, together with Spain, will add to the treatment that France receives today, also with imprisonment, whatever the status of the traveler. But in return, France says, these same unconfirmed copies will become amber.

A spokesperson for the prime minister confirmed that the review would be released on Thursday and that it would look at the various restrictions imposed on travelers from the red, amber and green list countries. “We are maintaining these measures,” he added [en referencia a las limitaciones] In constant review we analyze the latest evidence and scientific data. Vaccines will certainly be analyzed as a critical component.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told the media that the government plans to expand the exemption from the amber list. The climate is very hostile to the government and especially among the tourism companies.

Heathrow Airport warned yesterday that the UK was starting to lag behind its European competitors as a result of continued restrictions. “The UK is emerging from the worst effects of the health pandemic, but it is falling behind its EU competitors in international trade by slowing down in deregulation,” Chief Executive John Holland Kaye said.

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