No press authority for ‘Who’s Who’ in the news – El Financiero

After being accused in the “morning” for allegedly providing false information, the journalist Julio Astillero The practice of “who’s who in lies” has been described as disproportionate, baseless, and without corresponding journalistic authority.

“Last week I was accused of lying three times in an exercise that appears disproportionate, without foundation and Without corresponding press authority. I came here to point out that I did not lie and I have all the documentation and arguments.”

In order to exercise the right of reply, Astillero attended President López Obrador’s conference to defend his investigation into the case Irregular management of the protected natural area of ​​the Sierra de San Miguelito.

In the investigation published on the news site of the journalist, director of La Jornada San Luis Potosí, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) denounced the maneuvers for Handover of 1,805 hectares of Sierra Potosina transferred to private subdivisions.

“I want to end this speech by invoking Mrs. Elizabeth García Filches (responsible for denying the news at the presidential conference) that, as we true journalists do, when one makes a mistake, they recognize it and apologize. We hope after all that there will be a match in journalistic practice. real and do what corresponds.”

Likewise, he said that if he did not have an answer, he would pursue legal proceedings before union bodies, both national and international, “so that upright, fair and critical journalistic practice is not stigmatized.”

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