UK, Germany and northern markets, recovery leaders

Reservations made by tourists from United Kingdom, Germany and Nordic countries They have already exceeded the volume recorded in 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic, Minister of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdes, confirmed on Monday. Spain recovered 9 out of 10 international bookings in 2019, while domestic flights grew 3% compared to 2019, according to Valdes.

During his speech, on Monday, at the Tourism Commission of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Valdes explained that international flight reservations for the summer are currently approaching pre-pandemic levels. According to Valdes, more reserves have already been recorded in the Balearic Islands than they were before the pandemic.

“We are on the path of consolidated recovery. The growth in spending per visitor is greater than the increase in the number of visitors. We are committed to quality tourism, with a more profitable model that creates employment opportunities across the territory”, motivated

However, despite the positive data from the sector, Valdes warned that there was still “uncertainty” about the impact of high inflation caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the sector.

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