UK Ambassador: ‘Freedom of the media is key’

The UK ambassador to El Salvador, David Lilliot, believes that media freedom is “a fundamental thing and a guarantee of human rights”.

He added that for this reason they will try to continue building spaces for dialogue between the Salvadoran government and the press in the country, in the face of constant attacks and espionage against journalists and limited access to public information.

“We see a deterioration in these conditions all over the world and that is why we are so active in these types of events to stimulate discussion on the topic and build spaces for dialogue. We are working in El Salvador to support this cause,” Liliot said.

Recently, the British Embassy, ​​jointly with UNESCO and the Association of Journalists of El Salvador (APES) organized an event to discuss digital security and press freedom, to which the Vice President of the Republic, Felix Olua, was invited.

At the event, Ulloa said APES’s complaint against the government for spying on Pegasus callers is “re-victimization” and that they are trying to “distract attention”.

In this regard, Liliot considers that the participation of Vice President Ulloa was important because it is the first time that the government has participated in an event on this topic and they will try to further promote dialogue.

“As an embassy, ​​we are a bridge and we are trying to have this dialogue to solve this problem,” the diplomat added.

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