Samskip launches a new short-haul service between Spain, the UK and Rotterdam

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Samescape Launches a short sea container service connecting… The ports of Santander, Tilbury and Rotterdam.

The new service offers customers a weekly short-haul option between Spain, Tilbury and Rotterdam that remains cost competitive compared to land ferry alternatives, while offering greater reliability and significantly lower CO2 emissions per ton mile.

Olafur Úri Olafsson, Director of Network Optimization and Commerce at Iberia, He said: “This new service linking northern Spain to the London Economic Zone and the logistics hub of Rotterdam will provide a significantly improved reliable service to our customers, compared to what exists today in the Bay of Biscay.” The connection to the new BMT Santander station, located within the natural bay of Santander Harbour, gives us a great advantage along the windy northern coast, as the station is protected and can operate continuously, even with very strong winds. At Samskip, we work tirelessly to ensure our customers receive the highest level of service for their goods traveling in and out of the Iberian Peninsula.

“With this new service, we, as SamScape, are expanding our reach in the UK, to be able to offer services on the east and west coast to our customers. At the same time, we offer a direct connection from Santander to Rotterdam, and we can use Rotterdam as a transshipment port to connect our services.” With the rest of Europe. He added: “This is another step forward towards our goal of providing customers with a better door/door service in the UK and Europe.” Javier Fontaneda, Director of Customer Experience at Samskip.

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