Mexico bans import of birds from the United States due to the outbreak of bird flu

The state has closed borders to live birds, meat and offal or offal from poultry and eggs from Indiana in the United States, due to an outbreak of highly contagious bird flu found on a turkey farm in that state.

The US Department of Agriculture’s National Health, Safety, and Quality Service for Agrifood (Sinasica) reports that US health authorities have confirmed the outbreak.

Sinasica reported that the restriction had already been communicated to all agricultural health inspection offices, which are located at all entry points into the country.

In addition to the United States, countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Serbia have reported outbreaks of the virus, which is often transmitted by wild migratory birds to domestic animals.

In Spain, authorities slaughtered more than 130,000 chickens after detecting an outbreak of bird flu on an intensive farm in the region of Castilla and Leon, in the north of the country.

Greenpeace released today footage of a loader collecting chicken carcasses in the thousands and dumping them in an open-top truck to a burning site outside the farm.

The Spanish authorities have imposed a 10-kilometre isolation zone, although they maintain that humans are at little risk from these diseases.

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Greenpeace specialists point out that it is urgent to eliminate the destructive paradigm that is being practiced today and endangering the health of the planet and human beings.

With information from Reuters

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