Uber loses legal battle in the Netherlands over driver rights

The Hague, Netherlands. A Dutch court ruled this Monday that Uber drivers in that country are effectively under service Work contract And They are not independent workers, in another blow to the leading US chauffeur-driven giant.

The ruling, in a case brought by a Dutch trade union, comes months after a similar ruling by a British court regarding Uber drivers rightsWhich forced the American company to reach a union agreement for the first time in the world.

The legal relationship between Uber and drivers has all the characteristics of an employment contractA court in Amsterdam said in a statement that drivers are covered by the collective bargaining agreement for taxi drivers.

“This means that Uber will be obligated to sign contracts of employment with its drivers (…) which means that in certain circumstances, they are entitled to a retroactive payment,” the court said.

National Trade Union Confederation (FNVThe Dutch took Uber to court last December, claiming that taxi drivers and drivers of this company share the same hiring agreement, and that the latter often wins less than minimum wage.

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Uber, which insists it only provides a technology platform to connect independent drivers and customers, warned it would appeal the ruling.

“We are disappointed with this (judicial) decision because we know that the vast majority of drivers want to continue with independence,” he said. Moritz SchoenefeldUber’s director for Northern Europe, told AFP.

Drivers don’t want to give up their freedom to choose when and where to workhe added.

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In March, Uber indicated that for the first time in the world it is awarding its UK drivers Labor Law, with benefits including a minimum wage.

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