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We know many details about the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom: from How do you choose the clothes you wear every day?And Why can’t someone touch their wallet, and the unique care they enjoy 165 dairy cowsAnd Even What will your funerals be like on the day you cease to exist?. But there is one in particular that many followers the Royal family They comment a lot and it’s not entirely true: why the Queen can’t cry in public. This is what experts say kings British.

silly things: How much do you know about Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom?

“He cried more times than people remember.”Sally Biddle Smith, the famous biographer of the Queen and some members of the British royal family revealed it. It happened at his sister’s funeralMargaret of the UK In 2002, people who sat near the Queen revealed to Biddle Smith that she was “so sad” and “the saddest I’ve ever seen”.

But this idea is believed by many that the Queen of England rarely collapses and shows emotions in public This is partly due to the 69 years on the throne. Aside from the fact that the King is known to strictly follow the rules and protocols of British monarchs, Elizabeth II has been in command for many years and this has enabled her to learn to hide her feelings when necessary.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom at the funeral of her husband Philip Edinburgh. (Photo: AFP)

Another occasion in which Elizabeth II suppressed her pain and kept her composure occurred on 17 April at the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, who had died at the age of 99. The 94-year-old king It was very calm and serene During the ceremony at Windsor Castle.

Her second son to the Queen, Prince Andrew of York, has revealed details of how the Queen was feeling in those days. “The Queen is, unsurprisingly, an incredibly stoic person.”said the Duke of York. branded [la muerte de Felipe] Like the great void left in his life. But we, her family, and those closest to us came together to make sure we were there to support her.”.

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