UAT medical students are awarded the CENEVAL Award for Excellence in Performance.

Victoria City.- A group of 17 graduates from the Medical Surgeon Program at the Faculty of Medicine. Autonomous University of Tamaulipas (UAT) Awarded Sinval Award To outstanding performance.

The National Centre for Assessment of Higher Education, AC (CENEVAL), honoured students for their outstanding performance in General examination for bachelor’s degree graduates (Eagle).

The graduates who received this national recognition are part of a select group of students from 201 higher education institutionsGovernment and private schools that achieved the highest scores in the exam for the period from July to December 2023.

UAT President Damaso Leonardo Anaya Alvarado congratulated the winners, considering this academic achievement as a clear reflection of the effort, dedication and commitment they have shown throughout their training, as well as the university’s commitment to educational excellence.

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In turn, the director of the Faculty of Medicine in Matamoros, Professor Pedro Luis Mendoza Muzquez, congratulated the winners, and stressed that this honor confirms that the doctors who graduated from the UAT institution are highly qualified to practice their profession with a high degree of knowledge and competence.

This recognition, which is awarded to students who achieve an outstanding level of performance in the disciplinary and cross-sectional sections of the exit examination, not only motivates students to achieve high levels of academic performance, but also affirms the educational quality of the institutions from which they graduate.

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