Netflix is ​​removing this plan from its subscription options.

With nearly 270 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix continue as streaming platform The leader, the company that is once again in the eye of the hurricane, now Delete subscription plan.

In the following paragraphs we tell you what it is and how the company withdraws this payment option.

Netflix cancels basic plan with ads

It was on November 1, 2023 when Netflix Officially launched Basic plan with adsbeing the cheapest payment option so far.

Less than a year after making it available to millions of users, the streaming giant is now in the process of canceling the plan in countries like Canada And United kingdom.

With this move, the company forces customers to choose between other subscription alternatives with higher prices and thus keep their accounts active.

A few months ago, Netflix I mentioned that for new users Basic plan with advertising It will not be available, which is the procedure that was implemented at that time specifically in both of the above mentioned markets.

Although the same users streaming platform Residents of Canada and the UK have been sending out an email warning the company about the withdrawal of the plan, and the company itself has already confirmed this information on its website, stating that Basic plan with ads removed.

Likewise, it warns its customers who have this subscription that to continue the service, they must choose another plan. If you do not do so, your access to the on-demand content platform will be suspended.

Netflix, the world’s leading streaming company

Despite the controversial measures that Netflix In recent months it has taken its own subscription plans, along with additional payment for shared account subscribers, and maintains its position as a global streaming leader.

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At the end of the first quarter of 2024, it recorded 269.6 million subscribers. On the other hand, Disney Plus recorded 153.7 million subscribers in the same period; while Paramount+ had 71.2 million.

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