UABJO medical students participate in the National Physiology Competition

Luis Garrido Cruz, Sergio Raul Jiménez Hernandez, Fernando Guevara Blanco, as well as Jacel Alder Garcia, are the students of the UABJO School of Medicine, who will participate in the National Physiology Competition that will be held from 1-3 December.

This was announced by Olga Alicia Queiroz Trevino, Head of the Department of Physiology, who said that since 2012 they have been participating in activities involving representatives of UNAM, National Polytechnic, UAM, UANL, Autonomous of Baja California, Tabasco and Veracruz. Merida, Aguascalientes, La Salle, URSE, Ciudad Victoria, Benemérita de Puebla, UPAEP, Autónoma de Querétaro, among others.

He stated that good places had been achieved for Oaxaca; “In Colima they took third place, and we did an excellent job in this competition, they are all physiology degree students and they were prepared by me.”

He added that due to sanitary conditions, the university’s facilities had to be adapted, as the activities would be virtual.

“The organizers, the Mexican Society of Physiological Sciences, tell us that certain requirements must be met, so that they can monitor us in real time, to see our students, who are in the fourth and fifth year of the race.”

He explained that physiology is responsible for the study of the functioning of the organisms of the body, and is a fundamental subject.

On his part, the Director of the College, Luis Manuel Sánchez Navarro, expressed his best wishes to the students who, he did not doubt, were well prepared to put forward the name of that institution.

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He stressed the importance of this kind of competition that serves future physicians to better prepare in their professional development.

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