Two Film Festivals to Enjoy in East Antioquia and Itague

Two film festivals, one in Abora Sur and the other in East Antioquia, are taking place simultaneously this week, with screenings and academic programs.

The first is the Itagüí International Film Festival, which started last Tuesday and ends on Saturday 13 November.

Exhibits are in the Plaza Arrayanes Shopping Center and in the alternative rooms at San Pío X, the Aburrá Sur Convention Center, Casa Ditaires, Yarumito and La Tartana.

Among the guests, Robinson Diaz, Victor Gaviria, Gustavo Nieto Roa, Lisandro Duque, Harold Trompetero, Ramiro Meneses and Fabio Restrepo are among the guests.

“Organizing such festivals is an invaluable contribution to the art and culture of Colombia. From Itagüí we send a message to the world, in the sense that cinema has no boundaries and that the political will to promote these expressions, as we do, is of great importance when making decisions that benefit the Colombian seventh art. with international projection. Itagoy Leon Mayor Mario Bedoya Lopez.

The schedule can be found on the website

in the East

The second meeting on the seventh art is the Al Sharq International Film Festival, which begins in its 14th edition on Thursday, November 11th and continues until November 15th.

Director Jorge Ali Triana, responsible for films such as Bolívar soy yo, Tiempo de muerte or Edipo alcalde, is the main guest of the event, in which they will pay tribute to his life and work dedicated not only to cinema, but also to television.

Other guests are actors Ramiro Meneses, Gustavo Angarita (father and son), and director Carlos Palau.

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Festival venues with the theme of cinema, history and society; Meeting with memory, are the municipalities of Guatapé, Rionegro and El Carmen de Viboral.

There will be samples from the best Colombian feature and documentary cinema, and in the international segment, from Spain, France and Germany.

Those wishing to register for academic activities should ensure their attendance by writing to the email: [email protected] with the subject: I am registering for the festival.

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