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The number of candidates on the list to succeed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dropped to six on WednesdayA Conservative Party official announced the dismissal of Finance Minister Nadim Zahawi and former Health Minister Jeremy Hunt.

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Former British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak led the first vote counting among the deputies The Conservatives elect the person who will replace Boris Johnson at the helm of their party and, accordingly, become the new chief executive.

Sunak led the count, receiving 88 votes, although former Defense Secretary Penny Mordaunt, who has come out strong in the last hours, got an impressive result by adding 67 supports.

After failing to get the minimum 30 votes required to remain, the current finance minister and Sinak’s successor, Nazim Zahawi, and former health minister Jeremy Hunt, were excluded from the race scheduled for September 5.

Former Minister of State for Equality Kimi Badenouche, 40, State Prosecutor Suila Braverman, 32, and Foreign Minister. Les Truss with 50and Tom Tugendhat, 37.

Upon learning of the outcome, a Truss spokeswoman indicated that “Now is the time for colleagues to unite behind the candidate who will cut taxesHe will implement the real economic change we need from day one and will make sure that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin loses in Ukraine.”

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The second vote is set for Thursday, and there may be more next week until only two finalists are reached, among whom the Conservative bases will choose their new leader and future prime minister in a mail vote.

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Acting Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced to resign on the seventh after more than 50 members of his executives resigned in protest against his administration and scandals that have permeated his leadership, such as parties at 10 Downing Street during the pandemic.

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