Free Beto reveals the reasons for voting for Lula in Brazil

“The main reason is to remove (President Jair) Bolsonaro from (Palace) Planalto (the seat of the executive power) and rebuild Brazil, which was demolished by an alliance of guerrillas, religious fundamentalists, neo-fascist extremists and a greedy elite,” Beto said. In an article statement published on the official website of the Labor Party (PT).

He denounced the “coup” intimidation that hangs over the nation. There is only one way to avoid these grave threats to democracy: mobilize us!

“Do not sing victory before the time,” Beto warned. Nothing guarantees Lula will be elected, and if elected, he will take office.”

The Dominican friar made several proposals to the leader of the Workers’ Party to return to power and called for the organization of Lula President’s committees into digital networks.

He called for contacting five citizens and “each of them will form another committee of five people, and thus engineering multiplication will be carried out.”

In these contacts, the priest referred to the “preservation of information that strengthens Lula’s candidacy” and weakens more and more those who are supported by the militiamen.

He also urged not to form a committee of too many people. He said that there was a danger of staying in the internal debate and not engaging in practical and effective measures.

He called such meetings to have a code name, as Chico Mendes, Margarida Alves, Luther King, Helder Camara, Vladimir Herzog, Tito de Alencar Lima, and others.

In the same way that every digital commission denounces fake news (fake news) and recalls how Brazil has progressed in 13 years of Labor governments and their conquests.

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He stated in this order: cheaper fuel; college fees light for all; my home is my life; annual correction of the minimum wage above the inflation rate; demarcation of indigenous lands; The National Sovereignty Truth Commission and the More Doctors Program.

He recommended the inclusion in the election campaign of the progressive candidate for state government, the Senate, and candidates for Union and State Representatives.

Peto insisted that the parliamentary base that would support Lula’s government should be chosen at the National Convention.

Likewise, let “love grow where they want weapons; peace where they want conflict; respect where they want hate; democracy where they want dictatorship. Fighting social inequality where they want to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.”

For Peto, “it is time to stop watching the political situation and work intensively to save Brazilian democracy.”

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