Trump has broken the fundraising record so far this year

Former US President Donald Trump

The media reported on Sunday that former US President Donald Trump is the Republican politician who has raised the most money so far this year, despite leaving office on January 20 and vetoing it by social networks.

Political committees linked to the former president, who ruled between 2017 and 2021, raised $82 million in the first half of the year, bringing the total funds available to them to $102 million, according to figures obtained by Politico.

These are unprecedented sums for a former president, since traditionally donations, so common in campaigns, cease to arrive as soon as the candidate loses and for practical purposes have been removed from the public eye.

Trump, who will not face another election until 2024 if he repeats his presidential nomination, has raised more money than Republican Party campaigns for the Senate and House of Representatives for the 2022 elections.

Thus the figure shows that the former president continues to exercise a great attraction among his followers, greater than that of the party, and that a large part of his followers remain loyal to him despite his loss of power and his prevention of major social contact. Networks such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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