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Portugal begins easing restrictions due to advances in vaccination

Portugal starts today A three-phase plan to gradually ease COVID restrictions through October, An initiative by the government to promote vaccination, which allows starting from Sunday End the curfew and restore much of the country’s nightlife.

The government, led by socialist Antonio Costa, has drawn up a plan that will remove the restrictions in three phases not based on the calendar but on the percentage of the population that has a full vaccination schedule against the coronavirus.

This Sunday, the day 57% of the population will be vaccinated, The first phase begins, as standards are standardized for the entire country and shops and restaurants return to their normal hours, to be able to open until two in the morning.

What is more, Curfew is removed from From 23.00 that were in effect in the municipalities with the highest percentage, among them Lisbon and Oporto.

Changes that promise to move Portugal’s nightlife from Sunday night, as it has also been known in recent hours that cocktail bars, one of the places hardest hit by the pandemic, may also open if they comply with the same rules as Restoration.

So they will have Request a digital certificate or negative admission test for people inside From Friday night and all weekend – not in the stands – and they’ll be able to work at most until 2am. In addition, you will not be able to dance in these places.

The nightclubs, which are not expected to open until the final phase of the plan, set to begin in October, are still on hold.

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The rest of the effects of the first stage will appear in particular, starting on Monday, in this way Remote work goes from mandatory to recommended, or certification or negative test becomes required as well For group classes in the gym, cultural and sports events, casinos and spa.

According to the government’s plan, the second stage will begin when 70% of the population is vaccinated, which is expected to happen at the beginning of September, at which time wearing a mask on the street will no longer be mandatory and capacity. At weddings and baptisms it will increase (75%) and cultural performances (70%).

To get to stage three, 85% of the population needs to be vaccinated, something that’s planned for October, at which time the disco will open – with certification or a negative test requirement – and restaurants will stop imposing a limit on the number of diners per table, among other inscriptions.

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