Total tour left business forecast for Quindío at US$11.1 million – La Crónica del Quindío

Author: Jose Alejandro Castillo Jaramillo

The total round allowed for a meeting of 1,000 international buyers from over 50 countries and over 1,700 Colombian exporters, including 46 Quindians.

The participating sectors were the fashion system, Industries 4.0, agri-food, chemicals and life sciences, metalworking and other industries.

A positive balance left for Quindío’s latest ProColombia Business Roundtable in its 90th edition, which left the division’s business outlook at $11,132,226.

They announced from the national entity that 46 companies from the sectors of Fashion Systems, Industries 4.0, Agri-food, Chemical and Life Sciences, Metalworking and other industries have participated in the Quindian Territory.

For agri-food, the highest reported number of business forecasts for the region with the most countries, at $5,600,226, the information is broken down as follows:

Germany $75,000, Saudi Arabia $1,500.012, Argentina $60,000, Canada $130,004, South Korea $60,000, Ecuador $635,000, El Salvador $10,000, Slovakia $60,000, Spain $50,000, United States 785,704 USD, France 6000 USD, Honduras 2,000 USD, India 240,000 USD, Mexico 385 thousand USD, Panama 15,000 USD, Peru 523,010 USD, United Kingdom 86500 USD, Dominican Republic 472 thousand USD Russia $75,000, Suriname $29996, Trinidad and Tobago $200,000, Turkey $200.

AndIn chemicals and life sciences, totaling $4,491,000, the buying countries are: Bolivia $100,000, Canada $32,000, Costa Rica $80,000, Curaçao $5,000 Ecuador $115,000, Guatemala $9,000, Jamaica $40,000, Mexico $30,000, Puerto Rico $60,000, Czech Republic $20,000 and Trinidad and Tobago $4,000,000.

Quindian companies in metalworking and other industries have achieved business forecasts of $855,000 with the following countries: Bolivia $120,000, Costa Rica $75,000, Ecuador $10,000, United States $260,000, Jamaica $40,000, Panama $54,000, Peru $31,000, Puerto Rico $90,000, and the Dominican Republic $175,000.

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According to information provided by ProColombia, in Industries 4.0, entrepreneurs in the region reached $166,000, with buyers from Canada $27,000, the United States $129,000 and Peru $10,000.

The sector with the lowest business expectations in the overall round was the $20,000 Fashion System, with entrepreneurs from one country, the Dominican Republic.

National data for the college course

ProColombia Business Roundtable concluded with deals worth over $433 million, After passing through the cities of Cali and Medellin, a virtual day allowed the meeting of 1,000 international buyers from more than 50 countries and more than 1,700 exporters from the five related chains.

“We are very satisfied with the results achieved, which reflect the growth and international confidence in Colombia as a supplier of goods and services. “The numbers are staggering and 84% exceed what was achieved in the 85th overall, which was almost 100% implemented in 2021,” said Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia.

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