A former Russian spy living in the UK says Putin has dementia and Parkinson’s disease

Boris Karpichkov is a former KGB spy The 62-year-old (Russian intelligence) and currently residing in the United Kingdom commented in the newspaper “The Sun” that Putin is sick and paranoid.

The former KGB Confirms that the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, suffers from dementia at an early stage And that he suffers from megalomania that “drives him crazy”, he confirmed exclusively to the mentioned newspaper. Some inflammatory statements Since Putin’s health has become a taboo topic for workers in the Kremlin and from the regime, they have always insisted on the good physical condition of their boss.

fact, Putin’s press official, Dmitry Peskov, has long praised in recent weeks that his health is “excellent”. After several public appearances, he seemed to deteriorate further.

Putin’s health, a “sensitive” issue

Karpichkov explained that Putin’s health has always been a “sensitive” issue and that The leader always sees “traitors” around him, which only adds to his paranoia. “He acts with paranoid thoughts,” he says, “obsessed,” he explained.

According to his experience is He sees “literally everyone, including those working in his secret services, as traitors.”

Dementia and Parkinson’s disease

ex-spy He dared to predict that Putin had the onset of dementia and Parkinson’s disease and asserted that there was “great concern” among the proximal nucleus. The Russian president explained that he suffers from some diseases “due to sports injuries during his youth.”

Based on the latest photos, where it is found that his movement or facial expressions have worsened, Karpishkov says he may have developed Parkinson’s disease or some serious complication from cancer.

In his last appearancee manages to catch him clinging to the table and bending over and even limping when walkingSo, rumors spread about his poor health, and some even suggest that he will soon undergo surgery due to cancer.

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