Tokyo 2020: Tom Daley, the diver who weaves beautiful clothes

Tom Daley became one of the stars of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, not only because of his athletic talent, but also because of his strong message of inclusion and now, For its great ability to weave.

On July 26, the Briton won the gold medal in synchronized diving, on a 10-meter platform, with teammate Matty Lee.

A few days ago, the British diver again attracted attention, but now for something that has nothing to do with sports.

During the women’s 3-meter jump final, Dali was caught weaving stands. The Briton was wearing his country uniform, a mask, two needles and a little wool. The athlete lifted his eyes off his tissues only when one of the competitors was about to dive.

Soon, the image of Dali spread widely and many people were surprised to see the Olympic champion performing this activity. Those who have followed his career for years, know that the athlete is fond of this activity, in fact, he has an account on Instagram Tweet embed, where he displays some of his creations.

This situation was repeated during the men’s three-meter jump platform diving preliminaries, where he was seen knitting a white jacket with Olympic rings.

Knit for a good reason

On his Instagram account, Daly revealed that he sewn a small bag with the UK flag on it to hold his gold medal, but when you look at his other posts, we’re surprised to see that he really has a knack for it, then From sweaters to dresses…everything is beautiful!

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The 27-year-old athlete started knitting during confinement from the COVID-19 pandemic and opened his Instagram account in September 2020.. Shortly before the start of the Olympics, he pulled one of the sweaters he had made among his followers and managed to raise nearly seven thousand euros, which was donated to a charity dedicated to researching and combating brain tumors in the UK. Brain Tumor Charity Association.

Daly’s father died a little over a year ago from a brain tumor, which is why Diver seeks to support people with this condition. To do this, he created a page where you can buy their products and the money obtained goes to the said organization.

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