The Kingdom of Argentina is coming to Netflix. Safety valve!

The long-awaited thriller Netflix Created by Marcelo Pinheiro and Claudia Pinheiro. The series tells the story of the priest. Emilio Vazquez PeñaOne of the candidates for the position of Argentine Vice President witnessed a tragic case: his colleague was murdered during the closing ceremony of the campaign. So there is a possibility that this guy is a believer Be the next president of the nation.

Stars of the series Chino Darin, Nancy Dubla, Joaquin Forel, Peter Lanzani, Mercedes Moran and Diego Peretti. the program 8 episodes Who will be expelled from the world next time? August 13.

Kingdom llega a Netflix

“It has been so enriching to see how the characters’ stories are created and fulfilled every day thanks to these wonderful actors who are so eager and excited to play these characters.”, quickly Marcelo Pinheiro. help shape presentation, Marcela Pinheirosum: We are very satisfied with the distribution and the group that has been formed is exceptional.”

United How does the high priest say? Church of LightNS Emilio Vazquez Peñawith explanation Diego PerettiPolitics seduced him and formed a presidential formula with him Armando Badajoz (Daniel Kuznica). His partner is then killed and it is up to him to share the rule of power or return to his family and church.

intrigue United Please enter other codes. his wife EmilioNS Reverend Elenawith explanation Mercedes MoranShe would not trust her husband’s hunger for power. Tadeo Vazquez (Peter Lanzani) He is the adopted son of a priest, a very spiritual man who does not know evil. Julio Clemens (Darren Chinese) He is a young lawyer from a wealthy family and the right-hand man of Emilio in politics.

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other characters? Robin Osorio It is interpreted by Joaquin Forel. He is the leader of the campaign Badajoz No doubt. It interacts with higher force fields. If your boss dies, use your influence to help Emilio. after every thing, Roberta Candia (Nancy Dobla), He is the attorney general of the politician. Intelligent and responsible professional. Your investigation will be more difficult than expected…

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