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Flora Davi The world champion in 2016 and 2017, was shown this Tuesday by winning the triathlon at the Tokyo 2020 Games, at the Odaiba Marine Park Circuit in the Japanese capital, where she won the first Olympic gold in the history of his country, Bermuda.

Duffy, 33, established himself in complete authority by covering the track, swimming 1,500 meters, bike 40 kilometers and running another ten, in one hour 55 minutes 36 seconds: one minute fourteen seconds short of the seeded second, British Georgia Taylor Brown And 1:27 ahead of the American bronze medalist Katie Zafris.

It was a test marked by a torrential downpour a little earlier that delayed its start by fifteen minutes.

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Conditions were quite different on Tuesday from those faced by the men on Monday, in the Test won by Norwegian Christian Blumenfelt. The heat was lower, although the humidity was clearly increased (82.3 percent). And the water was 27.3 degrees Celsius, roughly two hours earlier than less than 24 hours and four degrees above ambient temperature.

English Jessica Learmonth – ninth at the finish – was the first to leave the waters of Odaiba Bay – where a 950-metre and last 550-metre loop was completed – just ahead of Brazilian Victoria Lopez, in a segment in which the group stretched to form the first important pick that secured the front positions before The first move is at three o’clock on the podium.

Learmonth and Lopez formed a group of seven three-time medalists, American Summer Rappaport-14 on Tuesday- and Germany’s Laura Lindemann, eighth.

From that moment on, everything descended into an elimination race in which Duffy was by far the strongest. successor in the history of American Test Gwen Jorgensen; Who tried, in vain, to be an Olympian in Tokyo in athletics: first in the marathon and finally in the 10,000.

Duffy also succeeded Jorgensen – the intercontinental gold in 2014 and 2015 – in World Cup history. And that Bermudian was very fond of exhibitions was very evident in 2017, when she re-checked the world title with the perfect score.

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The five best results were recorded for the competition, as well as the Grand Final. Flora has won five times – in Yokohama (Japan), Leeds (England, UK), Hamburg (Germany), Edmonton (Canada) and Stockholm, Sweden – before also scoring at the end of the concert in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

This Tuesday made us think again, given her origin, that she might have been an extraterrestrial, this time because of the advantage she had over two other world champions, the last two, who took her to the podium: Taylor Brown and Zaphris, who last won the world championship. Normal” – in stages, in 2019 – before the former had one test, last year, in Hamburg, where Duffy was relegated specifically to second place.

Because of two infections, first, and the Covid-19 pandemic, later, Europe has not seen much of Daffy in recent years.

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The seven had a one-minute and seven-second advantage, after the first eight-lap (five kilometer) lap of the cycling circuit, on the chase set, thrown by Swiss Nicolas Spirig, Olympic gold at London 2012 and silver four years later, in Rio (Brazil): the other big winner At that day ; At the age of 39, she became the only female triathlete – man or woman – at five Olympic Games to have finished sixth.

In the Spirig group, he also pedaled, among others, Dutch Rachel Klamer and Italian Alice Betto – fourth and fifth in the finish, after completing, like Helvetian, a race from less to more – plus another Dutchwoman, Maya Kingma, who would finish 11th.

They did so on a perilous journey because of the slippery slope of the very wet pavement, where the fall began, with their first “victims”; Like the Russian Anatasia Gorbunova, the New Zealander Ainsley Thorpe or the French Cassandre Beaugrand.

The group of seven was left at six when Rappaport was left behind on lap three; He dropped to five on the sixth, when Lopez fell. The main group advantage was always in the “tenth minute” and was 1:16 after the sixth lap; When Miriam Casillas was still shooting in the third set, American group Taylor Kneipp – 16th this Tuesday – reached 2:44.

On the last lap Taylor Brown fell off the hook, due to a puncture that didn’t stop her from coming back and she ends up grabbing the silver. The quartet of Duffy, Lindemann, Zaferes and Learmonth took the lead in the running. With Spirig sixth, he leads the chase group.

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Zaferris endured the first Arion, but was already 17 seconds behind her after the first of four laps of the track on foot. And after the first “five thousand”, the Bermudian already took 47 seconds to Zaffer and 52 seconds to Taylor Brown, each time closer to the previous and “jade” silver. not calculated. I didn’t need. He was more than enough and devoted himself to expanding the advantages. He passed the third lap with a difference of one minute and seven seconds over the American and the Englishman. After a short break, Zafer, who was not upset, bid farewell to Bronze.

Daffy extended the distance over his rivals. He put 1:14 on Taylor Brown – who became known in 2017 for winning the World Cup in Madrid – and nearly a minute and a half on Zafer: not only the queen of triathlon, but also Bermuda’s first Olympic champion. .

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