To cut the UK electricity bill, they recommend that switchboards not be left at rest

A report from a major energy provider warns of consumer waste.

The electricity bill is still high, both in Spain and in Europe. What can we do as consumers to reduce it? From the UK, the energy provider British GasThey considered it appropriate to warn users of the dangers Electric vampiresthose devices that, even when turned off, are still connected to the network, which increases the consumption of homes and the country.

The joint document From Eurogamer talks about the need to be careful not to leave devices like Televisions, laptops and consoles With the aim of saving and thus reducing the high bills incurred by the British. British gas report goes further and Error for this user habits Creating unnecessary expenses for the planetcausing a torrent of criticism on social networks.

According to the energy supplier, each household is estimated to save up to 147 pounds annually by implementing such recommendations, including 12.17 pounds that would be freed from the consumption of video game hardware in each home.

Photo: NPD Group.Photo: NPD Group.

British Jazz estimates annual savings of £147However, the report, as revealed by Eurogamer, has been called into question because it appears to have used data from older devices to make the calculation. In addition, it was not a good idea to blame the consumer for the high electric bill.

Be that as it may, tech giants, as well as console manufacturers, are serious about saving energy in their equipment. Such is the case with Microsoft, which announced in March that it had set Power Saving Mode as default option In the initial setup of Xbox consoles. In addition, this system now also checks and downloads updates while you are not using it.

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If you are interested in the topic, we at 3DJuegos also leave some simple recommendations for energy saving on the topic of how much PS5 and Xbox Series consume.

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