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With restrictions in the UK ending from July 19, a total of 33.8 million people will be able to travel to “amber” destinations such as Spain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced.

Updated data from the British government indicates that 3,3874,176 people have been vaccinated with two doses, who will have the possibility to travel without having to be quarantined upon returning to their country.

The UK has already provided 79,302,877 vaccines, and with a first dose there are 45,428,681 people, who when they receive the second dose will also be willing to travel to Kahraman destinations without having to make any quarantine when they return home. At this time, only tourists from “green countries” are forced to quarantine.

Currently, Britain delivers an average of 120,000 first doses per day, which is a far cry from the 500,000 daily doses in March. The first doses average 160,000 per day.

Data from 5 July reflected that there were 32,239 Covid cases in the UK, being one of the countries with the highest vaccination rate and, at the same time, the most infected.

However, the positive side of the British scientists is that the new delta variant did not cause deaths in the country. They noted that vaccines keep people alive and prevent hospitalizations, but they do not completely guarantee that a person will not contract the disease. There is a risk of one in seven.

British scientists note that the initial symptoms of delta resemble a cold.

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