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The turn of Gustavo Petro, candidate for the presidency of the Historic Charter, arrived at El País de los Jovenes, a place where he spoke with students and youth leaders of the country.

Behind the scenes of the youth country

Like previous candidates who arrived at the Caracol TV facilities, Gustavo Petro also took a selfie with the boys and was able to take a less formal approach with them.

What did Gustavo Petro say about the close collaborators being investigated?

In the first question, a Cali student asked the candidate about some of his closest aides and the investigations the justice system had conducted.

The presidential candidate indicated that they had neither been convicted nor convicted by justice. He also noted that on the day when evidence of someone committing a corruption case appears in the historical charter, he will be the first to ask for his departure.

Demonstrations and public protests

A young woman from the Caribbean, Gustavo Petro, recalled the one-year anniversary of the national strike, and mentioned the number of people violated by security forces. He asked him if he would respect the right of young people to take to the streets to protest if he was president.

The senator stressed that “the next Colombian president will not order the killing of Colombian youth.”

La Guajira and its problems

Coal exploitation is one of the most important sources of income for this department. However, for the former mayor of Bogotá, this is the only interest of the rulers, who neglected the conditions in which their compatriots live.

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Gustavo Petro asserts that he intends to actively transform this region through the clean and renewable energies controlled by those who inhabit La Guajira, among whom is the indigenous Wayú community.

Afro force and Pacific strengthening

When responding to how to guarantee the rights of Afro-communities, Gustavo Petro explained that these communities had been excluded and noted the importance of the Pacific coast becoming a region and that this region was the gateway to Colombia and not the stern.

He praised its potential and suggested connecting the most important points in this region of the country to give it greater autonomy and more economic opportunities.

What do you do with women’s pesticides?

Petro emphasized that the rise of women’s power is generating fears in a deeply patriarchal society. He pointed out that there is a “fear” of women’s independence and this leads to their killing.

The candidate said he would reform both society and the penal system, in order to provide greater institutional assistance to Colombian women and mitigate the risk of being killed for simply being a woman.

Watch the full chapter from El País de los Jovenes with Gustavo Petro here.

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