A worker expecting a raise receives a letter of ‘financial advice’ in viral mail

A British worker who was hoping for a salary increase was baffled when he received a letter from Financial Wellbeing detailing personal finance advice.

The anonymous employee shared the note today on the Reddit forum “Antiwork” under the username u/navan12, reaching over 35,000 votes. The message came from the Director of Human Resources at Eddie Stubart, a UK-based moving company.

“With the cost of living constantly rising, fuel prices rising, and energy bills rising, we as an employer realize that some of our colleagues may be concerned about their finances,” the note began.

After acknowledging these dire conditions, the HR manager could offer an increase or adjustments to the cost of living. Instead, he continued, “Included in this letter is a practical guide full of practical tips and advice on how to manage your money and make it go further, along with information about a dedicated employee assistance program that offers a range of money-related services.

A worker who was hoping for a raise was perplexed to receive a “financial well-being” letter detailing instead personal financial advice. The message came from the Director of Human Resources at Eddie Stubart, a UK-based moving company.
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The offended recipient commented on her message: “I thought the bonus was coming.” “It just shows how bad the money is,” they added in a text overlay on the letter’s photo.

In the comments section, a reader noted that Eddie Staubart’s “Hints and Tips” came amid an ongoing shortage of drivers.

Hey, did Stubart say this during the driver shortage? Comment request. “Are they dense, do they realize that people are going to go somewhere else and fast?”

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The entire British road transport sector is experiencing a serious driver crisis. A 2021 Road Transport Association survey estimated that there was a shortage of 100,000 qualified drivers in the country. Last July, Eddie Stubart cemented himself into the Culina Group, a food and logistics company, creating a $3 billion joint venture and the UK’s largest private logistics operator. This consolidation was intended, in part, to increase capacity that had been undermined by the shortage. according to Trade newspaper.

Other readers of Eddie Stubart’s letter mocked his “financial advice” with their acting scenes.

One commenter wrote: “We’re paying you way too much for living expenses, we’re so good we’ll try to teach you how to live on bullshit.”

“Have you ever taken a deep breath for dinner?” Pick up another reader. “Or maybe your apartment rent is too high and you might want to consider living in your car! That’s it [sic] Just a few DIY tips we encourage our employees to try during these tough financial times. “

News week I’ve contacted au/navan12 and Eddie Stobart for comment.

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