Tips to take care of your cognitive health and ensure your mental health

The pursuit of mental health has become a priority in people’s lives. Given the importance of the brain in movement, communication, and the performance of even minimal daily tasks. Harvard University has published a study that includes six tips with which you can ensure your cognitive health.

First, try a daily plant-rich diet. According to the university, the Mediterranean diet is ideal for preventing a decline in cognitive health because it is very rich in leafy vegetables and fruits as well as fish, berries and unsaturated oils. All of these foods will help you prevent dementia.

Exercise is also necessary because there cannot be a healthy mind in a body. So following a daily or regular routine will help you produce new cells as well as neuroplasticity.

Getting enough sleep is more important than you think. Regularly depriving yourself of sleep and not thinking of it as a form of restorative rest can lead to dementia. According to the US National Sleep Foundation, the ideal amount of sleep is seven to nine hours.

Be aware of and manage stress. Do not let it dominate or permeate your daily routine as this can lead to chronic mental illness.

Encouraging social contact, whether with your family, friends, colleagues at work or school, will be beneficial for your cognitive health.

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