This means face emoji with raised eyes

The WhatsApp endless emoji So that users animate messages they send to their families, colleagues and friends of any kind.

In addition to the already known icons, the messaging app has introduced the functionality “look onceIn photos and videos. This is just one of the many updates that “Whats” app has launched so that its 2 billion users can enjoy the app in the best way.

In 2015, facial emojis first appeared in the WhatsApp catalog. Despite the fact that it has been going on for more than five years, people are still ignorant of its true meaning; Therefore, here we solve doubts.

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What do the face up emoji mean in WhatsApp?

Believe it or not, all symbols have a special meaning: you definitely thought about their meaning. Since its arrival, upward oriented emojis have become popular among the WhatsApp community.

According to the specialized website Emojipedia, this particular facial expression suggests frustration, sarcasm, resentment and even rejection.

Now that you know its meaning, give it the use it deserves in your messages and also alert your contacts that they will not make a mistake when using it.

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