They lifted censorship on the Minister of Labor after questioning him in Peru – Prensa Latina

Despite acquittal rulings ruling out his prosecution for lack of support, among other elements, more than 33 members of Congress, a number necessary to request censure, signed the document.

The motion must be approved in plenary between the fourth and the tenth day of its submission and requires a vote of 66 out of 130 members of the Congress of the Republic; In this case, Maravi will have to resign.

The Prime Minister, Guido Peledo, said last night that, if necessary, he would raise the issue in his cabinet, which would have to analyze whether Maravi was being censored, and if something similar happened again, President Pedro Castillo might dissolve Congress and hold new elections.

However, the Speaker of the Conservative Parliament, Maria del Carmen Alva, after speaking with Castillo, assured her that he had assured her that the censure proposal was not on the government’s agenda.

Following Maravi’s presentation this Thursday, the president confirmed on Twitter that at last night’s meeting “we agreed that the issue of trust and oversight are part of the balance of power, and they are tools for maintaining democratic stability.”

Before the plenum, Alpha denied the president’s transcript and said that if Peledo submitted a motion of confidence, Castillo’s speech would be void.

He added that in such a case, Congress will bear its responsibility in this regard, which entails, according to legislative sources, the possibility of Congress impeaching Castillo.

During this day’s session, several right-wing lawmakers demanded not only the censorship of Maravi, but also Peledo and the dismissal of the head of state, which the progressive seats rejected.

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Lawmakers from the ruling Peruvian Liber party defended his proven innocence and denounced that the attacks against him were part of a right-wing plan to remove him from the Ministry of Labor, due to his policy of defending workers’ rights and the eviction of Castillo.


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