They identified the variants “Manaus”, “Rio de Janeiro” and UK in Chubut-Telam

Chubut has passed 64,000 confirmed positive cases since the start of the epidemic.

The Chubut Health System detected the Coronavirus mutations known as “Manaus”, “Rho de Janeiro” and the United Kingdom in five sections.Which were identified by health authorities as “variables of concern”, according to the latest epidemiological report.

In the The Daily Report 436 Released Thursday regarding the epidemiological situation in Chubut that he was reaching, it was reported that “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern have been identified in Escalante, Roussun, Cochamin, Sarmiento and Piedma departments.”

In the case of the Escalante department, where the most populated city (Comodoro Rivadavia) is located, subspecies from Manaus and the United Kingdom are found.

In section Rawson, where the capital and Trelew are located, Confirmation of itself Manaus variable It was detected in a vaccinated traveler who is under local surveillance.

In Cushamen, on the Chubut mountain range, the Ro de Janeiro subspecies has been reported, while in the Sarmiento and Biedma counties of Manaus and the United Kingdom respectively.

Chubut has passed 64,000 positive cases Confirmed since the epidemic began in March last year with 1041 deceased.

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