They consider increased poverty a cause of unemployment in Colombia

Bogota. Senator Carlos A. Lozada, from the Communist Party, today. Increasing poverty in Colombia is a cause that drives millions to mobilize and demand their right to a decent life.

In this sense, it refers to a recent report by the National Administrative Service (DANE) on the behavior of monetary poverty over the past year.

In 2020, nationally, monetary poverty was 6.8 percentage points higher than that recorded in 2019, when it was 35.7 percent, according to DANE.

Likewise, the country’s extreme monetary poverty last year was 5.5 percentage points higher than that recorded in 2019, when it was 9.6 percent, the report adds.

In this sense, 3.5 million people entered monetary poverty, and 2.8 million people entered extreme monetary poverty.

That is, a total of 21 million people were in monetary poverty in 2020, compared to the 17.5 million people reported in 2019.

People suffering from monetary poverty are those who reside in households where the individual’s spending is not sufficient to obtain a basic basket of food and not food (housing, clothing, education, health, transportation, etc.)

In addition, people in extreme poverty are those who form households whose per capita expenditures are less than the cost of the basic food basket.

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